Thank you and welcome to our blog. We have a strong focus on impacting on the youth of Aboriginal Communities and under-privileged backgrounds through mentoring programs.  

Under-privileged youth worldwide in general, and Indigenous youth of the remote communities and town camps in particular aren't given the same opportunities that most kids are given during their lives and we are motivated to empower and increase the self esteem of youth.  
We have 5 main aims:

1. Empower Youth
2. Identify Future Leaders 
3. Increase Self Esteem
4. Take ownership 
5. Provide options

- Physical Maintenance (cosmetic improvements to community structures)
Through our 12 hour program we will come in to the remote communities or town camps and provide a structured program that includes but is not limited to the following:

- DJ workshops
- Clean Ups of Community
- Sports programs and competitions 
- Dress Up Photo Booth
- Dancing Videos Creation
- Personal Fitness Programs
  - Tree Planting 
- Dance Competitions
- Video Interviews about their lives
- Group Discussions around AOD and life skills
- Drumming Workshop
- Pet Care Sessions 
- Car Wash for the community or Public
- Data and Evidence Collection 
- Kriol Translation Videos
- Art Work Projects 
- Audio Recording / Production

If you are an organisation that is obligated to provide for the youth of your communities then we are a perfect option for you as we document the whole day through photos, videos and interviews of the youth.  We will also provide a written report to the organisation that contracts us.

All programs will include a BBQ lunch and dinner that the youth will help prepare and will end with a disco to celebrate the day.

- Youth at Risk
- Statistics
- Trends 
- Needs and Wants 

We want nothing more than to create positive change for the youth
Please feel free to contact us via the email dreamimpactinspire@gmail.com to ask how we can help.  We are a group of people with diverse but relevant qualifications including Teaching, Youth Work, Management, Mental Health and Alcohol and Drugs. 

 If you would like to book us for any of the activities we offer, please feel free to drop us an email: dreamimpactinspire@gmail.com



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